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Giffard Crème de Peche de Vigne

Giffard Crème de Peche de Vigne 750ml

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The story of Giffard begins in 1885...Emile Giffard was a pharmacist before he was a distiller. In 1885, when the scorching heat of the summers in France inspired Monsieur Giffard to create something that would cool and refresh his clientele. Lucky for them (and for us!), Emile was also a gourmand, and began researching the digestive properties of mint as he embarked on his endeavor. By steam distilling Mitcham peppermint imported from England, Emile created a liqueur that was as delicious as it is refreshing. Upon his success, he turned the pharmacy into a distillery and as they say, the rest is history. Four generations later and over a century later, the Giffard family continues Emile's tradition, using the finest ingredients and time-tested methods. This crème de pêche is made exclusively from macerated fresh vine peaches from the Coteaux du Lyonnais. The peaches from this region give the liqueur a soft, delicately sweet flavor. It is the ultimate product for a fine Bellini with a drier style Prosecco.

Category Liqueur / Cordials
Region France
Brand Giffard