Podernuovo Argirio 2012


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This is a Tuscan Cabernet Franc, blended with a touch of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, fine and elegant. Vibrant ruby red colour with purple hues. Aromas of mint, marjoram, eucalyptus, black cherry, red berries with balsamic notes. Warm on the palate with blackberry, red berries, spices and sweet tannins. The Wine Advocate reports: 'PoderNuovo A Palazzone is owned by the Bulgari family (of jewelry and fine gems fame) and has shown a steady trajectory in improved quality over the past few years since the winery's opening.'

The quest for excellence and love for nature has always been a passion of the Bulgari family, of jewelry and gemstone fame. After working within the traditional family business, Giovanni Bulgari was drawn to the countryside of Tuscany, where he now lives full-time, tending his vines and producing high quality Tuscan wines at Podernuovo. Giovanni is naturally drawn to all environmental issues, and considers respecting nature an essential element while creating his wine. This has brought about intense research and development of the different potentialities of the local terroirs, which have generously given back three different qualities of harmonious red wines. Finding a balance and harmony by reducing carbon dioxide while processing the grapes is also the company’s objective.

Category Red Wine
Country Italy
Region Tuscany
Brand Podernuovo