Domaine Parigot Crémant Rosé


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The noble region of Burgundy produces the finest Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines in the world. When one thinks of Burgundy, one undoubtedly thinks of still wines, but there is also a long history of fine sparkling wine in the region which reflects the diversity of Burgundy's soils (terroirs). The village of Savigny-les-Beaune is considered one of the birthplaces of the traditional method for making sparkling wines in Burgundy. Situated in the heart of the Côte de Beaune region, the sparkling wines coming from this area express classic traits of its terroirAt the beginning of the last century, Emile Parigot chose to enter into a profession that was less popular in his native region, that of a sparkling winemaker. Five generations have succeeded him, all upholding the traditions that he began. These methods have been improved upon over time to create a high-quality sparkling wine worthy of the name Parigot.

Made of 100% Pinot Noir, Parigot Brut Rosé contains the diverse characteristics of this noble sensual grape. Its delicate color and unique aromas are obtained through a short maceration of the Pinot Noir. The freshness of this crémant's salmon robe along with its fine foam attracts the eye to it. Its enchanting, fruity nose as well as its fine effervescence completes its charm. However, the real pleasure is in the mouth: vivacity, character, and youthfulness, coming from the union of roundness and elegance. We served this as an aperitif at home with fine cheeses, red grapes, nuts and duck foie gras pate, but you may also serve this with a beautiful salmon dinner followed by fresh raspberries, strawberries, fruit tarts or dark chocolate for dessert.
Category Sparkling Wine
Country France
Region Burgundy
Appellation Cremant de Bourgogne
Brand Domaine Parigot