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Dolin Vermouth de Chambery Dry

Dolin Vermouth de Chambery Dry 375ml

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375ml Bottle


Please note these are half bottles or 375 ML

Dolin is a true, classic, benchmark Vermouth. The French house of Dolin and its recipe for Vermouth dates from the 19th century. This high quality vermouth is essentially white wine steeped in as many as 54 plants and herbs (including wormwood, hyssop, quinine bark and rose petals) for some months. The difference between more commercial vermouths and Dolin is quite dramatic. Vermouth de Chambéry has even had its own official appellation in France since the 1930s.

“Dolin Vermouth de Chambery has long been the benchmark for fine Vermouth. In the late 19th century, it won medals in Paris, London, St. Louis and Philadelphia and in 1932 earned Chambery France’s only appellation d’origine for Vermouth.” -

Want to make a classic cocktail with Dry Vermouth? Make a Dry Martini with gin and dry white vermouth, or substitute the gin with vodka which is quite common. It is often described as being "crisp" or "astringent". There is really no commonly agreed upon recipe for this drink. Basically it is a generous measure of gin or vodka and a dash of dry white vermouth.

Category Vermouth
Region France
Brand Dolin
Alcohol/vol 17.5%