Alsace Willm Kirsch d'Alsace Cherry Brandy 375ml


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Kirschwasser (German for ‘Cherry Water’) or Kirsch is a clear fruit brandy traditionally made from the double distillation of Morello cherries, a dark-colored sour cherry, and fermented whole with their pits. Over 10 pounds of cherries go into the making of a ½ bottle of Kirsch. Fine quality Kirsch such as the Willm is dry and refined with flavors of cherry and bitter almond. Kirsch is typically drunk neat room temperature after dinner in a brandy glass as a digestif in France and Germany. It is also used in baking cakes and filling with fine chocolates. Because Morello cherries were originally grown in the Black Forest regions of Germany, it is believed that Kirschwasser originated there. When we visited Alsace, we knew of the region’s long tradition of producing fine eaux-de-vie such as this one. Alsace is located very close to the Black Forest; its residents speak French but also learn German in school.
Category Brandy
Country France
Region Alsace
Brand Alsace Willm