VIP Kermit Lynch
French Wine Event
Meet Sommelier Ben Augustine

When we were first learning about fine wines, a wise person told us that you should get to know the best, highly respected importers of wine, so that throughout your 'wine' life, you can choose a label smartly and follow these great importers' wines with confidence. The perfect example of this theory is how we feel about Kermit Lynch. In 1972, with a $5,000 loan and a bit of gumption, this writer/musician opened Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant with thirty-five cases of wine stacked on the floor. Attracted by the Old World wine cultures of Europe, Kermit became a national importer for authentic wines that express their terroir.  When we are in the market for new French wines for the shop, or perusing a restaurant wine list, we seek out Kermit Lynch selections. His choices are always authentic, balanced and true to the region. We are excited to welcome Ben Augustine to take us through a tasting of excellent 'Kermit' wines, more details on which wines will be poured to-be-announced very soon!!!

Cheers! the Murray family