Join us & taste this delectable, all natural French Ham paired with beautiful French wines for this special VIP event. Produced in France for over 1000 years, Jambon de Bayonne is the original French Dry Cured Ham. Cured for at least 12 months, the high quality is controlled by the Protected Geographical Indication, ensuring that Bayonne is an exceptional product of origin, from the Basque Country in South-West France. All natural, tender and delicate, this ham is made of only two ingredients: Pork, from Local, sustainably-raised Pigs, and Rock Salt, specifically from a spring under the Pyrenees Mountains in Salies-de-Bearn. Made by the famous house of Jambon, DELPEYRAT, founded in 1890, this fine ham is the perfect partner to French cheeses and wines for appetizers, lunch or snacking. A beautiful alternative to other cured hams, Bayonne has a firmer texture than Prosciutto from Italy, and is not as gamey as Serrano Ham, which is from a warmer region. Our VIP guest is an expert in all things 'Bayonne', we welcome Fleurine Barriol, the Delpeyrat Brand Ambassador for USA.

This product is Free from Nitrates, Free from Preservatives,

Gluten-Free and GMO-Free

Cheers! the Murray family