VIP Barolo Tasting Event
Meet 4th Gen Winemaker Franco Massolino
Taste Beautiful Barolo from Massolino family

The Massolino family has deep roots in the Langhe region of Piedmont in northern Italy. Great-grandfather Giovanni Massolino founded the winery in 1896 and was the first to bring electricity and a steam-operated machine for harvesting grain to Serralunga d’Alba. Grandfather Giuseppe was one of the founders of the local winegrowers’ consortium in 1934 and father Giovanni bought the first single vineyard, Parafada for the family estate. Today, Massolino is run by siblings Franco, Roberto and Paola, and we are so excited to welcome Franco here to the Bottle Shop for this VIP event.

While visiting Piedmont and Tuscany in May 2018, we had the best time visiting Massolino and spending time with Franco. He took us all over Barolo on bicycle! We biked through all the hills and vineyards of Barolo... it was such a magical, beautiful way to experience the region.  We went to fantastic local restaurants with him, discovering delicious Piemontese cuisine, and simply had the time of our lives.

Let's discuss the wines now! Everything is hand harvested at the estate, and the vines are extremely old, up to 50+ years even for the Barolo normale. The style of the wines is full-bodied and classic, with the potential for aging, and yet, these wines drink really well in their youth. The density and ripeness of the fruit is achieved with the old vines, and patient, traditional winemaking in the cellar.


Massolino Barbera d'Alba 2016

wa 88+

Made from Barbera grapes grown in Massolino's estate vineyards situated in Serralunga d’Alba at an altitude of 330 meters above sea level. The soil composition is mixed, tending towards limestone. The vines range from 10 to 45 years and all harvesting is all done by hand in the middle of October. The first year of production of this wine was 1896, when the winery was founded. The Massolino makes about 1600 cases of this wine each year.


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Massolino Nebbiolo Langhe 2016

js 92

This estate-bottled Nebbiolo is both delicate and powerful, with aromas of raspberry and violet, and secondary perfumes very similar to those of Barolo. Full yet harmonious on the palate, this wine's elegance makes up for its lesser structure compared with that of Barolo.  Served in Piedmont with rich and tasty dishes, from fresh pasta with rich meat of vegetables sauces, to grilled or roasted red meat dishes. It is also excellent with soft and delicate blue cheeses.


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Massolino Barolo 2014

ws 93 we 91 wa 90

The family's classic Barolo is made with Nebbiolo grapes cultivated in vineyards situated in the area of Serralunga d’Alba at an altitude of 320 – 360 m above sea level, with a total surface area of 7 hectares. The soil is mainly calcareous with sometimes consistent variations from zone to zone. The different subzones where the grapes originate give them a broad and variable spectrum of perfumes, ranging from the classic spicy notes to those of a sweeter, floral and fruity nature. The grapes are hand harvested from vines up to 55 years in age. The wine is made in a traditional manner and the result is a full-bodied, classic and well structured wine which ages well and perfectly represents the important character of Barolo. It is best to decant and achieves its best expression when served with red meats, particularly game, and with dishes dressed with truffle. It is also excellent with fresh egg pasta and meat sauce, and with risotto, as well as medium-mature cow’s milk and goat’s milk cheeses.


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Massolino Barolo Riserva Vigna Rionda 2011

wa 95 ws 95

The Massolino considers Vigna Rionda a wine which perfectly shows the essential characteristics of Barolo : intensely floral aromas, characteristic 'goudron' (local for the scents of tar associated with Barolo) as it ages; a seductive palate; grand structure, excellent alcohol concentration and tannins for very long aging. This wine opens up gradually and reaches its maximum and most important expression after aging for a few years; this leads to its release for sale in the sixth year after harvesting with an increasingly consistent part of the wine being held back for release in the tenth year. Serve with meat dishes, rich in intense and persistent aromas and flavors, such as lamb, braised beef, or game dishes. Or serve with well-aged cheeses especially hard sheep's milk or Langa La Tur from Piedmont, a rich, creamy three milk cheese, that you may drizzle with Truffle honey for added enjoy 

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