Wonderful Whiskies from Ireland
Green Spot, Yellow Spot & Bushmills 21
Plus, Irish Gin & Irish Cheeses on Sale, too!

The story of 'Spot' whiskies begins in the 1800's with the Mitchell family, who are making these award-winning whiskies to this day at the revered Midleton Distillery in County Cork. Perfecting their methods still used today, the (now) 7th generation Mitchells' whiskies were already renowned in the early 1900's, where under the hustle & bustle of cobbled Dublin streets in underground cellars, their single pot whiskeys were matured in casks. In order to know the age of the spirit inside, they would mark the barrels with a daub or 'a spot' of colored paint, which would become the namesake for these coveted whiskeys : Green Spot (10 Years) and Yellow Spot (12 Years), Blue (7) and Red (15) as well. Green Spot is the distillery's #1 seller, but we happen to also sell alot of the Yellow Spot here, creating a legion of fans. Next up, the famous Bushmills makes this 21 year, the very best of the house which was founded in 1784. Aged in 3 types of casks, Oloroso Sherry, Bourbon and Madeira, for a grand total of 21 years. Then in case you do not like Whiskey, we are including a really cool Gin from the edge of a lake in the small Irish town of Drumshanbo loaded with exotic botanicals and gunpowder green tea. And finally, we went all out in the Cheese department this year for Saint Pat's! We have Tipperary Brie, Carrigaline Herb, Raw Milk Farmhouse Cheddar and a glorious Cheddar with Whiskey inside!  And of course we have Jameson, Tully's, Guinness and more in stock ... 


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Mitchell & Son Green Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

we 95

RATED 95 WINE ENTHUSIAST : 'The bold, fruit aroma suggests fresh-cut apples and honeysuckle, while the silky palate offers deep, bold flavor. Look for dark honey and clove, edging into tea, oak and cocoa midpalate. Apple freshness brightens the dry finish. An ice cube is the only adornment needed for this well-structured, tasty sipper.'

Green Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey was first released in the United States in 2014 and is "unquestionably one of the world's greatest whiskies" according to Jim Murray, Whisky Bible author.

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Mitchell & Son Yellow Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey 12 year old

we 94

RATED 94 WINE ENTHUSIAST AND BOTTLE SHOP FAVORITE : 'Aged in former Bourbon, Sherry and Malaga casks, look for a deep orange-gold hue and inviting baked-pear aroma. The robust, spiced palate offers brown sugar, honey, golden raisins and vanilla-tinged baked pear.'
While Green Spot is often described as tasting like green apples, Yellow Spot is more in character with juicy red apples. Sophisticated and complex in character, the inclusion of full term matured whiskey from ex-Malaga casks contributes exotic characteristics to the whiskey. Affectionately known as The Dubliner’s Tipple of Choice. 

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Bushmills Single Malt Irish Whiskey 21 year old

wsk 96

RATED 96 WHISKEY ADVOCATE: 'Bushmills’ sumptuous magnum opus spins aromas of sultana, brown sugar, walnut oil, date slice, chocolate-covered cranberries, leather gloves, and a hint of espresso. The dark, crepuscular mystique continues in the syrupy mouthfeel redolent of forest honey, banana bread, nuts, browned butter, sultana, date, and blackberry. Utterly beguiling, the Madeira finish works wonders here, right through to the last moments of the smooth, sweet finish. A must-try for all.'

$249.00    $225.00

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Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin

we 92

RATED 92 WINE ENTHUSIAST : 'Named for the gunpowder tea that’s part of the botanical mix, this bone-dry gin offers juniper, anise, caraway and lime peel on the nose. The palate opens with grapefruit, finishing long and astringent on pink peppercorn, caraway and a flicker of alcohol heat. Mix into martinis.' Gunpowder tea is a Chinese green tea that has been slowly dried, the delicate leaves then carefully rolled into shiny pellets. The flavor is bold and bright with a slight spicy freshness. PJ combines this flavor with exotic botanicals such as Meadowsweet from Drumshanbo, Juniper Berries from Macedonia, Cardamom from India, Star Anise from China, Kaffir lime from Cambodia, Oriental grapefruit from Indonesia and Anjelica root from Germany.

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Carrigaline Garlic and Herb Cheese

This handcrafted Irish cheese has been lovingly made by Pat and Ann O'Farrell since 1988, on their farm situated on the eastern edge of the famous West Cork peninsula. Pasteurized of milk from cows who graze on clover and grass pastures with limestone soils, this is firm but becomes creamy in the mouth with herbs and spices including a subtle note of garlic.

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Cooleeney Farms Tipperary Brie

This lovely mini-Tipperary Brie made by 4th generation farmers is handmade from pasteurized cow’s milk from Cooleeney Farm's own herd. It has a wonderful white, mild rind with a soft light yellow paste inside, which is simultaneously creamy and chalky, smooth and tangy. Butter and sweet grasses dominate the flavor. The rennet is vegetarian and the farm suggests serving this cheese with sparkling wine. On purchasing your cheese ensure to keep it refrigerated until you plan to use it and then allow it to come to room temperature for at least one hour before eating so as to enjoy its full flavor. Keep it well wrapped in its paper that is specially designed to allow it to breathe properly.

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