Widow Jane Whiskey Release Party
Saturday December 8th :: 3 - 5 pm
Limited Edition 12 Year Old High Rye Barrel

We are super excited at what just came through the door today ... our private barrel of Widow Jane Whiskey, bottled exclusively for us, from a high rye bourbon barrel aged for 12 years, that we personally tasted and chose for the Bottle Shop. Made from Corn, Rye and Barley, we love its honey citrus aromas, rich and smooth mouthfeel and long, round finish. Look for a full bodied palate with nuances of gentle spices, tangerine skin, dark chocolate and honey drizzled toast. Very balanced, this does not taste too 'hot', it's just right. Since it is unfiltered like all Widow Jane whiskies, you are going to see a deep, exotic color, and you get tons of flavor with seductive toasted oak notes.


Widow Jane is a small batch Bourbon producer, impressing the most discerning of Bourbon lovers nationwide. Named the #1 Bourbon by GQ magazine, each bottle is numbered by hand. The whiskey is from Kentucky & Indiana and the barrels are aged in New York State where the pure limestone mineral water of the region complements Bourbon production. Currently, the distillery has a 10 year barrel on the open market, this is the only way to get your hands on a 12 year barrel made by Widow Jane. Our last 2 barrels sold out quickly so don't delay! 

Cheers! the Murray family


Widow Jane Private Barrel High-Rye Bourbon 12 year old

BOTTLED NOVEMBER 2018 :: Aged for 12 years in American oak, it is the only barrel of its kind and has been bottled exclusively for the Bottle Shop of Spring Lake. This is our fifth private barrel program; we had great success with our private barrels from Knob Creek, Widow Jane and Four Roses. This, our third Widow Jane barrel, is made from Rye, Corn and Barley.


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